Reduce the number of work related injuries and their impact.

Eyes'R is the first intelligent HSE assistant offering multiple tools supported by an Artificial Intelligence engine to reduce the number workplace injuries and their impact on production.

Configuration intuitive du système

1. Setup

Connect your CCTV and set up your environment quickly and easily.

Risque d'écrasement de d'engin logistique

2. Predict

The system monitors your production areas to assess potentially dangerous situations that may cause accidents.

Analyse des indicateurs et des rapports

3. Analyse

Be notified as soon as a risk is detected and benefit from complete and accurate report for your analyzes.

Find out how to reduce the impact of risky situations.

Eyes’R provides a solution allowing you to detect potential industrial injuries before they turn into an accident, reducing impact, cost and social climate.

Figures about workplace accidents figures (in France)

Mds €
direct cost of work injuries in 2017 in France *
average cost of a work injuries per employee *
average duration of asick leave after a work accident*

Workplace injuries are still a major source of loss in productivity, and have strong impact on the social climate and behaviour.

* Direct and indirect costs (source: Ameli Risques profesionnels 2017)

Anticipation des accidents au travail

A solution natively buit to anticipate and reduce risky situations

Eyes’R provides a solution that allows you to monitor wide production areas, within  your factory, your warehouse or an outdoor logistics area. You will then have the possibility of refocusing your activity on tasks with high added value, while keeping an eye on the safety of your employees.


Simple configuration and production

Eyes'R manages the implementation of the solution and then gives you the ability to configure its assistant simply and intuitively.

Connect new data sources, configure areas to monitor, and manage the roles of your different collaborators in a simple and intuitive way.


Video stream analysis and incident detection

Real-time data processing without impact on your productivity.

Once your enterprise configuration has been set up, the analysis and processing of data are carried out in the background, in a completely transparent way for your business.


Simple configuration and implementation

A powerful multi-platform notification feature and a dedicated assistant designed to offer you the most relevant corrective actions.

s soon as a potential risk requires your attention, you will receive a real-time notification, from your desk or in mobility. You will be presented potential corrective actions to mitigate risk.

Confidentalité des données

The confidentiality of your employees is fully preserved

All data used by the Eyes’R  are analyzed to provide you the information required to predict risky situations.  By design, once their processing is complete, we only store the statistics, using some of the most efficient encryption methods on the market, in order to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your employees.

We can also, on request, give you access to the video streams that you feel is  important for monitoring.

Réglementation RGPD
Compliant with RGPD regulations
Stockage dans le cloud
Cloud storage
Cryptage performant de bout en bout
End-to-end data encryption

What are the advantages for your business?

Augmentation de votre productivité

improved Productivity

Optimise your productivity through a safer work environment for your employees coupled with organization improvments.

Favoriser l'innovation


Invest in your manufacturing tools while benefiting from the latest innovations to secure your human capital and its daily activities.

Obtenez des feedbacks

Improvement of the social climate

Reducing the number of dangerous situations and the severity of accidents will have a positive impact on your employees' engagement but also on your brand image.

Réduction des coûts

Cost reduction

The reduction of the number of work injuries & sick leave, will optimize your productivity, but also reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness.

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